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1 Career Development: Change with no change in your lifestyle

GECC offers you the opportunity to enhance your career as well as your personal growth. All we know that you have already got many responsibilities and busy work life, this also stops you to go and study in abroad. For this reason, our online programmes are simple, flexible and can be taken at any stage of your career and most importantly, no VISA and maintenance fee needs to be obtained or proved. This is an opportunity to make changes but not changing your lifestyle.

2 Flexibility: Study from anywhere, Study anytime

We at GECC offer flexible study options. Our programmes are fully online and every month twice. Classes are running during Friday – Saturday – Sunday which aim to support you professionals. With our online education model, you can learn and attain world class qualifications from the comfort of your home or office.

Our programmes has got live lecturing and also recorded videos, especially Friday classes are mainly video watching which recorded by our valuable Lecturers. This supports you to be to watch and join these classes in anywhere at any time of the day.

3 Support

As a student you have access to a 24/7 comprehensive support. From downloadable online study materials, live 24/7 chat support to high-speed email support, we ensure that your queries are solved as quickly as possible.

4 Quality

GECC guarantees for the distinction and excellency of the qualifications received by its students. GECC’s qualifications are in fact fully recognised and accredited by respective bodies. This ensures that each qualification gained by a student is well accepted thanks to its high quality.

5 Accredited and Affordable

Our qualifications are fully accredited and accepted worldwide. GECC’s endeavours to ensure that its programmes’ cost remains as affordable as possible while maintaining high education standards.

6 No exams – Assignment based assessments

We have taken sting out of education. You are assessed through the submission of assignments rather than through traditional pen and paper exams. This means you can prepare and submit assignments while sitting at home, in your office or in a cafe.

7 Easy payment plans

You have a wide range of payment options. We are offering an excellent instalment plan so you will not have difficulties to pay your fee or do not have to pay all in advance. Or you can pay all in advance and get extra discount from the total fee. You are free to choose either ways to make payment of your programme. For more details, please get in touch with us.

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