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  • 3 May 2020 - 4 November 2023
  • Virtual
  • 00:00 - 00:00

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Lab (IERL)


Hiroko Kawamorita

Hiroko Kawamorita

Aidin Salamzadeh

Aidin Salamzadeh


Entrepreneurship and innovation studies have become controversial topics during the past decades. Nevertheless, as two promising fields of research, both academics and practitioners have already paid a great deal of attention to these areas of research. These attempts have opened new windows of opportunities for interested scholars of the fields to make significant theoretical and practical contributions. To address the relevant challenges and explore the research opportunities, this research lab has prepared a fruitful space for the interested individuals to be a part of our innovation and entrepreneurship journey. We invite young and talented postgraduate students, researchers and also well-known experts to join this lab in order to expand their networks, find cutting-edge research opportunities, and publish their research outputs through the IERL.

Activity List

Affiliated Journals:
  1. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Business and Economic
  1. International Journal of Economics & Strategic Management of Business Process
  2. International Journal of Business & Economic Strategy Affiliated Conferences: (List of Events) (Conference in Istanbul 2020: to be postponed due to COVID 19)

Ongoing Research:

  1. Entrepreneurial Universities and COVID 19 Contact: Professor David A. Kirby
  1. Media Entrepreneurship Contact: Dr. Datis Khajeheian
  1. Start-ups and New Venture Creation Contact: Dr. Aidin Salamzadeh
  1. Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Universities Contact: Dr. Hiroko Kawamorita


  • Hiroko Kawamorita (Project Coordinator)
  • David A. Kirby (Honorary Dean)
  • Kursat Demiryurek (Professor)
  • Aidin Salamzadeh (Assistant Professor)
  • Ammar Al-Bazi (Assciate Professor)
  • Essam Serry (Professor)
  • Rami Hikmat Fouad Al-Hadeethi (Professor)
  • Yashar Salamzadeh (Collaborator)
  • Esra Odabaşı (Collaborator)

Advisory Companies:

Organisations Country Website Sector
International Centre for Innovation & Development (ICID) Tunisia Research & Education


Ondokuz Mayis University, Turkey
ES kariyer, Turkey
Coventry University, UK
European University of Benelux, Belgium
Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
University of Jordan, Jordan

  • Cost: Free
  • Total Slot: 100
  • Booked Slot: 75

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